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On Makine, which was established in Manisa / Soma in 2015 in order to bring new technologies to our country in the mining and energy sector and to contribute to the modern level of our industry by following the latest innovations in technology, with its continuous development features in terms of professionalism, creativity, honesty and developing needs of the sector. has achieved steady growth and gained a respectable place in the mining and energy sector.

Our philosophy of “protecting what is valuable for our customers” underlying all our activities constitutes the brand name of On Makine.

Our Mission

To be a pioneering and exemplary brand that enables the industry to progress and develop as one of the leading players in its sector.

Our Vision

To be the brand that creates the most value for our customers with our expertise, innovative solutions and sustainable management approach.

Our Quality Policy

  •  Our quality policy as On Makine;

    • ON MAKİNE, which adopts customer orientation as a principle in all our fields of activity, develops ourselves day by day in line with customer demands and expectations, leading the companies in the sector,
    • To provide efficiency and savings by managing time, cost and resource waste,
    • To provide our employees with technical, quality, occupational health and safety and better service training to ensure that they become more qualified employees,
    • To make ON MAKİNE’s indispensable philosophy by giving importance to Occupational Health and Safety,
    • Making necessary investments by providing appropriate resources, developing ourselves in line with technological developments,
    • To fulfill all our obligations regarding the companies and organizations we are affiliated with,
    • To cooperate with our suppliers based on trust,
    • In line with the continuous improvement and development approach, increasing the efficiency by reaching the company unit targets and adding new value to every work we do,
    • To contribute to the national economy by constantly improving the business volume,
    • To be an exemplary organization that respects the values ​​of the society we live in and that considers environmental awareness.

Our Values

On Makine has been based on values ​​based on accuracy, commitment, trust, respect and teamwork since its foundation.


Keeping our promises to our colleagues and customers is part of our culture. We take care to offer our products and services on time.


We are proud to serve you with our experienced team that takes care of doing the job correctly. The commitment of the team, customers and stakeholders is just as important as respect and trust for us.


We treat our teammates, customers, suppliers and business partners with respect and sensitivity and carry out all our communication processes within the framework of commitment. We trust each other individually and as a team, and act as a team.